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Teleconsult Clinics

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Now Scheduling .jpg

Video consultation for follow-up of chronic conditions

(for existing patients with respective clinics only)


Chronic disease follow-up is now available in the comfort of your home, at the safest distance.

During this COVID season, patients can use their medisave / CHAS / Merdeka / Pioneer Generation to pay for their chronic medication and tele-consultation.



  • On commencement of the teleconsultation, the clinic assistant and/or doctor will verify your name and valid photo ID for registration purposes. Your exact location will also be asked in case you become very unwell during the consultation.

  • Teleconsultation is not suitable for emergency consults (e.g. chest pain, breathing difficulties, recurrent vomiting, severe abdominal pain). If you require urgent medical attention, please call 995 or visit your nearest clinic or A&E.

  • This service is not for mental health conditions. Please call lMH Emergency Helpline ( +65) 63892222 if you need mental health support.

  • Minors (under 16 years old) should be seen with their parents/guardian. Their parent/guardian must be at least 21 years old, and he/she has to show his/her ID to the doctor at the start of the teleconsultation.

  • The waiting time is around 15 minutes though it may vary due to number of patients before you.

  • All our healthcare professionals are fully registered with their Professional Boards.

  • There are limitations with teleconsultation due to the lack of physical examination. During teleconsultation, the doctor may recommend in-person consultation at the clinic or house-call if he/she deems a physical examination is necessary for avoiding missed diagnoses. A medical appointment/house-call can be arranged based on the agreement between doctor and patient.

Click HERE for our FAQ, including what is not suitable for teleconsultation. If in doubt, please visit your nearest medical clinician in person as soon as possible.

Acacia Medical Clinic

Contact Number: 6684 0274

Sims Drive Medical Clinic

Contact Number: 6741 1607

Health Partners Medical Clinic (Cecil Street)

Contact Number: 6225 5036

Sims Drive Medical Clinic

Contact Number: 6741 1607

Sims Drive Medical Clinic

Contact Number: 6741 1607

The Tenteram Clinic

Contact Number: 6250 7991

Twin City Medical Centre

Contact Number: 6235 1175
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